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【Official】Tabisomeya Yamaichi

Love the trip, in love with the inn

20 minutes by car from Morioka Station.
A variety of beautiful scenery seasons, majestic Gosho-ko lake welcomes you.
A total of 16 tsuzuku, full of good old feelings.

It features quiet appearance surrounded by plaster walls and whole building tatami flooring.
Of course the chief chef purchases it from time to time and meals sticking to local foods of course,
Enjoy the feel of tatami with bare feet on the runner up, leave yourself to the smell of comfortable grass and hot springs,
Please spend your time relaxing.

〈Information of sale〉

  • 🎆 Secret fireworks 🎆

    Secret fireworks will be set up at Gosho-ko lake on Sunday, October 31st.
    The launch time is undecided until after 15:00 on the day!
    We will inform the guests as soon as the time is known.
    looking forward to!

Illumination event

  • 🌟 Connecting Wishes Arch 🌟

    Hours 16: 00-21: 00
    Place Old Tsunagi Kindergarten

    【Request to all visitors】
    ① Please refrain from wearing a mask, social distance, and loud voice.
    ② Please do not run around the venue as there are many light bulbs and cords.
    ③ Please do not park on the street.
    ④ We are not responsible for any accidents or troubles at the venue.
    ※If you use the parking lot or toilet, please use Tsunaohashi Minamienchi.


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Hotel Name

Tabisomeya Yamaichi


83-1 Tsunagi Tateichi, Morioka City

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【Iwate Travel Support Project Discount】

  • Iwate Travel Support Project Discount

    Regarding the Iwate Travel Support Project Discount.
    We would like to inform you that the frame of this facility has ended.
    If there are any additional items, we will inform you on this homepage.

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